The 2017 Award

2017 Full list of entries to the competition

The impressive number and variety of works put forward for the award testify to the range of different interests in Greece and illustrate the Runciman Award’s desire to embrace all aspects of Hellenism, from Classical times up to the present day.

Full list of entries
Author Surname Title Publisher
Emily Anderson Seals Craft and Community in Bronze Age Crete CUP
Karen Bassy Traces of the Past Michigan University Press
Christian Cameron Rage of Ares Orion
Paul Cartledge Democracy – A Life OUP
George Charalampidis Plato's Republic: the myth of Er Akakia Publications
Bruno Currie Homer's Allusive Art OUP
Veronica della Dora Landscape Nature and the Sacred in Byzantium CUP
Ivan Drpic Epigram Art & Devotion in Later Byzantium CUP
Lowell Edmunds Stealing Helen Princeton University Press
Esther Eidinow Envy Poison & Death OUP
Michael/Paula Gagarin/Perlman The Laws of Ancient Crete OUP
James Galbraith Welcome to the Poisoned Chalice Yale
Barbara Graziosi Homer OUP
Marc Domingo Gygax Benefaction & Rewards in the Ancient Greek City CUP
Lisa Hau Moral History from Herodotus to Diodorus Siculus Edinburgh University Press
Victoria Hislop Cartes Postales from Greece Headline
Michael David Jones The Tymphaean Symphony Brambleby Books
Julia Kindt Revisiting Delphi CUP
Adriaan Lanni Law and Order in Ancient Athens CUP
Thomas Martin Pericles – A Biography in Context CUP
Paul Allen Miller Diotima at the Barricades OUP
Silvia Montigio The Spell of Hypnos I B Tauris
Melissa Mueller Objects as Actors University of Chicago Press
Zahra Newby Greek Myths in Roman Art and Culture CUP
Fevronia Nousia Byzantine Textbooks of the Palaeologan Period Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Simon Perris The Gentle Jealous God Bloomsbury Academic
Andrej and Ivana Petrovic Inner Purity & Pollution in Greek Religion OUP
David Pettegrew The Isthmus of Corinth University of Michigan Press
James Porter The Sublime in Antiquity CUP
Loren Samons II Pericles and the Conquest of History CUP
David Stuttard Greek Mythology – A Traveller's Guide Thames and Hudson
Mario Telo Aristophanes and the Cloak of Comedy University of Chicago Press
Konstantinos Theotokis The Life & Death of Hangman Thomas (tr. Davies) Colenso Books
Peter Thonemann The Hellenistic Age OUP
Spiros Tsoutsoumpis A History of the Greek Resistance in WWII Manchester University Press
Thomassis Valtinos Orthokostά Margellos/Yale
Marc van de Mieroop Philosophy before the Greeks Princeton University Press
Anthony Verity Homer – Odyssey (tr.) OUP
Ian Worthington Ptolemy I OUP
Matthew Wright The Lost Plays of Greek Tragedy Bloomsbury Academic
Marinos Yeroulanos A Dictionary of Classical Greek Quotations I B Tauris