The Anglo-Hellenic League Runciman Award 2022

 Invitation to Publishers

The Anglo-Hellenic League is once again offering a prize of £10,000, known as The Anglo-Hellenic League Runciman Award, in honour of the late Sir Steven Runciman, for an original work, wholly or mainly about some aspect of Greece or the world of Hellenism, published in English in any country of the world in its first edition during 2021.

The full details of the competition for 2022, including eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, are set out in the attached file. We invite publishers to submit to us names and details of nominated books by 10pm (GMT), Wednesday 15 December 2021 to the Runciman administrator. The form for nominations is also set out here.


The Anglo-Hellenic League Runciman Award is sponsored by the A. C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation and the A. G. Leventis Foundation

Council of the League

15 October 2021