Speech by the Chairman of the Judges, on the occasion of the 2019 Runciman Award Ceremony

The RUNCIMAN AWARD 2019 Administered by the Anglo-Hellenic League The Anglo-Hellenic League, 16-18 Paddington Street., London W1U 5AS (Registered Charity No 278892) PRESIDENT AND CHIEF PATRON HRH Prince Michael of Kent KCVO JOINT PATRONS HE The Greek Ambassador to the Court of St James’s; HBM Ambassador to Greece CHAIRMAN Mr John Kittmer RUNCIMAN AWARD SPEECH … Read more


An excerpt from The Best of the Grammarians, by Francesca Schironi

Aristarchus’ Legacy By preparing his working text where he deleted lines which were probably spurious (for example, lines which were not well attested in the manuscript tradition), Aristarchus to a large extent determined the text of Homer that we still read today, as the disappearance of the ‘wild papyri’ seems to prove94 .Yet the importance … Read more


An excerpt from The Excerpta Constantiniana and the Byzantine Appropriation of the Past, by András Németh

The proem to the Excerpta survives via two independent channels. The text of both is identical and contains the name of the first collection (Inauguration of the Emperors). All those, both among the emperors of old and the persons of no public station, who did not allow their mind to be turned aside or weakened … Read more

An excerpt from The Gardens of Corfu, by Rachel Weaving, with photos by Marianne Majerus

Corfu Gardens: Ancient Myth and Modern Magic Greenest of the Greek islands, Corfu exerts a powerful magic. For those who seek them out, its natural landscapes and private gardens evoke a sense of wonder: expansive and intimate, restorative and energising, they offer joy and solace in a stressful world. It was in pre-Classical times that … Read more

An excerpt from Hesiod’s Works and Days, translated by A. E. Stallings

The time is ripe for sailing the fifty days Past solstice, summer in its closing phase, Season of toil. You will not shipwreck then, Nor will the sea extinguish all your men, Unless Earth-shaker, Poseidon, is annoyed, Or Zeus, King of the Gods, wants you destroyed: In their hands lies fulfillment, good and ill. While … Read more