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Announcement of the 2018 Runciman Book Prize

The Anglo-Hellenic League is again offering a prize, known as the Runciman Award in honour of the late Sir Steven Runciman, for an original work, or works, wholly or mainly about some aspect of Greece or the world of Hellenism, published in English in any country of the world in its first edition during 2017. Find out more about how to apply here.


Winners of the 2017 Runciman Book Prize

This year’s Runciman Book Prize was awarded jointly to Professor Ivan Drpić and Professor Marc Domingo Gygax.

Epigram, Art, and Devotion in Later Byzantium by Professor Ivan Drpić (CUP)

This is a gripping book with wonderful illustrations that evoke the richness and complexity of the texts and objects explored in it.

Dr Dionysios Stathakopoulos, Chairman of the Judges

Benefaction and Rewards in the Ancient Greek City: The Origins of Euergetism by Professor Marc Domingo Gygax (CUP )

 This is an entirely new way of looking at the system of the gift in ancient Greece. Focusing on benefaction of various kinds and the reciprocity it sparked the author explores the origins of the system in archaic Greece and illuminates the tensions with which it was fraught.

Dr Dionysios Stathakopoulos, Chairman of the Judges


Greek culture and civilization year after year continue to be a source of inspiration.
Dr. Angeliki Lymperopoulou, judge (2014)

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